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Who We Are... And Who We Hope to Be

     We were the first church in Parma, established in 1898 by Rev. Dr. Wm. Judson Boone. Although Dr. Boone was a Presbyterian, early members represented all those in the community seeking spiritual support. When the present building opened in 1920 it was in order to become a true community church, and we continue to strive to be a church of and for the whole community.

     We are a church family striving to serve Christ by learning His New Testament messages of love. Through worshiping, nurturing and serving the community, we proclaim the message of Christ. We try to demonstrate that message in our lives, being sensitive to the needs of others, with concern for social justice and ecumenism, and supporting Christ's mission in our community.

     With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we hope to live into Christ's teachings: learning a love that overcomes obstacles such as labels, fear, judgment, boundaries, prejudice, and selfishness . . .

     Come help us become the community beacon we strive to be: a life-giving, cleansing, encouraging group that promotes love and understanding. A group that recognizes life is both beautiful and messy. A group that believes we are better and stronger together. Come. Let's learn together how to love one another as God would have us love.

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